Hi, my name is Davide Nastri and I am a

Software Developer

I write code to let machinery do the repetitive work in order to enable and facilitate human creativity

This is what I do

I am a hybrid between developer and system administrator. I love delivering digital solutions to people using web and native technologies accessible from their smartphones and computers and help them to achieve a more satisfying and simple life.

Web Design

I design my webapps using CSS, LESS, SASS and Bootstrap. I mix vector and raster and have passion for flat design, responsiveness, infinite scrolling and single page webapps.

Web Programming

I program my backends using Python / Java and their main frameworks (Flask, Spring Boot, others). I have used many modern RDBMS (Mysql, MariaDB, Postgre, MicrosoftSQL, Oracle).

System Administration

I am a Microsoft MCSE, a Linux fanatic and I know Apple systems. This has been my full time job for 10 years and it is still a core fundation of my skills: it allows me to deliver complete IT solutions.


I am always up for a chat and a coffee: discussing problems, sharing visions and finding solutions keeps my engine on, both on the developing and sysadmin side.

My Skills

Those are my skills, constantly updated and sharpened to keep up with the incredibly fast ITC world we live in.

Backend Programming


Frontend Design




System Administration

What my clients say

Here you can read a few comments and reviews from my clients.

Davide works with accuracy, propriety and discretion, showing good human qualities and strong relational and organizational drive.


Davide's skills in Windows, Linux, VmWare and Security allowed him to show high accountability and professionalism that made him precious for the Public Prosecutor's Office in Rome.

Fulvio Duri, IT head @ Public Prosecutor's Office, Rome (Italy) - Download